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Pet Cat And Dog Storage Equipped With Measuring Cups

Pet Cat And Dog Storage Equipped With Measuring Cups

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Plastic: PP+TPE 

 Capacity: 33 lbs 

Folding storage size: 42cm/18.54"*28cm/11.02"*14cm/5.51" 
Opening size:42cm/18.54"*28cm/11.02"*30.5cm/12.01"  

 Product features 

1. Soft folding barrel body repeatedly folded is not easy to break, easy two steps, from small to large on demand to choose the capacity, repeated folding is not easy to break, durable, 

2, folded and placed, snail in the corner or cabinet goodbye to clutter, hide in the corner, seconds slimming does not occupy space 

3 , bottom pulley, one lift and one pull, easy to move, the bottom is equipped with two brake wheels, can be placed in a fixed position without sliding 

4. Side buckles, the four buckles on the side are sealed with silicone and moisture-proof, and the transparent cover on the top is sealed with moisture-proof, multiple seals, moisture-proof, insect-proof and dust-proof

5. Transparent flip cover design, large diameter easy to take grain, transparent margin is visible, top cover transparent visible access 

6. The barrel comes with a measuring cup, how much to eat every day to control the amount of food, how much to eat 

7. It is not only a pet grain bucket, but also a household rice bucket, a bucket of multi-purpose, to meet the various needs of the family

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