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Electric Clothes Dryer Drying Rack Hang Dryer Machine

Electric Clothes Dryer Drying Rack Hang Dryer Machine

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1. Multiple three-dimensional air outlets, two-level scientific temperature adjustment, quickly drying clothes without damaging fabrics, allowing you to face rainy days with confidence.

2. Suitable for a variety of materials and types of clothes, such as jackets, shirts, pants, underwear, etc., fully meeting daily clothing drying needs.

3. This drying rack is detachable for storage, convenient for home, travel, or business trips, eliminating worries about damp clothes.

4. Our portable drying rack has ultraviolet sterilization function, effectively eliminating bacteria on clothes, removing odors, and keeping clothes hygienic and clean.

5. It is made of high-temperature-resistant flame-retardant materials, equipped with overheat protection and intelligent temperature control systems, greatly increasing the safety factor for more reassuring use.

Product Parameters:

Material: ABS

Power: 150W

Gear position: Two levels of temperature adjustment

Load capacity: < 5kg

Product size: 44.0*20.0cm

Packaging size: 17.7*19.5*8.2cm

Net weight: 338g

Note: The product needs to be plugged in for use and cannot be charged.

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